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September 12, 2016

Touring around Bath, England - in front of the Abbey and the Roman Baths with lars, Ron, Moira and Alison from Masterful Living - what fun!

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This past week in offering my Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive, we were talking about the use of I AM statements. I AM statements are the most powerful affirmations I know of.

When we state anything that we believe beginning with I AM, we are, whether we recognize it or not, invoking the fullness of Spirit to make manifest whatever it is we’re stating with a strong belief. The more we believe it, the more powerful it is.

The I AM Presence IS our Higher Self, our Holy Self, our guardian angel – our true identity – it’s our God Self! It is the White Fire Being that is our Spirit Self.

Our mind IS the mind of God and so the way that we bring ANYTHING into manifestation in this world is through holding it in our mind with strong intention, belief, emotion, attachment, and energy.

I was saying this week that I’d begun to work with the affirmation I AM Perfect. Now, whenever we use an affirmation that we don’t actually know to be true, it will bring into our awareness all the false beliefs we have that oppose it. When that happens, we can either be grateful for the opportunity to release all attachment to those false beliefs or we can affirm them again and reinvest in them.

Working with affirmations requires a willingness to become more aware of what we’re thinking.

Affirmations have been SO helpful to me in my healing. I AM Perfect is a great affirmation for me because I am willing to absolutely KNOW that it’s true at all times in every moment and to fully surrender any and all conflicting beliefs. I AM Perfect as ALL are perfect, and this is what I wish to truly know. I’m no longer interested in separating anything or anyone out as being imperfect, or lacking in any way whatsoever.

The time for healing is now and I AM statements are so helpful! Here are some of my favorites!

I AM the Mighty Presence of this Alert, Radiant Energy surging through my mind and body, dismissing everything unlike itself.

I AM Master of my world.

I AM the Victorious Intelligence governing my world. I send forth into my world this Mighty, Radiant, Intelligent Energy of God. I command it to create all perfection, to draw to me the Opulence of God made visible in my hands and use.

I AM the Master Presence grown to full stature and I speak and command with authority.

I AM the Mighty, Miraculous Circle of Protection about me that is Invincible and repels from me every discordant thought and element which seeks to find entrance or intrude itself.

I AM the Perfection of my world and it is Self-sustained.

I AM God in action.

I AM the open door of Love, Beauty, Perfection, Prosperity and the All Good of God.

I AM the Pure Electronic Essence that fills my mind and body with the Mighty Perfection of God which I AM.

I AM the Protective Electronic belt around my mind, body, finances, ministry and all activities in my world.

I AM the Omnipresent, all-Powerful Protecting Intelligence governing this mind and body and my world.

I AM is the only activity in my life, my mind, my body, and my ministry.

I AM the only Presence acting in my world.

I AM the Presence charging this body with Pure, Electronic Radiant Energy.

I AM the Ascension of this physical body right now.

I AM the Perfect activity of every organ and cell of my body.

I AM Perfect health now manifest in every organ and cell of my body.

I AM the Perfect Intelligent activity in this body.

I AM the Perfect Sight through these eyes.

I AM the only activity in my world.

I AM the only Presence acting in my world.

I AM the obedient, intelligent activity in this mind and body. I AM the governing Power and do govern it harmoniously.
I encourage you to enjoy working with these I AM statements and to surrender any and all false beliefs that come up for healing. This has brought me such a quickening in the healing of my mind and I am very grateful for the power of the MIGHTY I AM Presence to heal my mind!

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