Following Intuition

September 18, 2016
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Yesterday, in my workshop on turning self-sabotage to Self-Love, one of the things that came up so strong and clear is that we sabotage ourselves by not following our guidance. I used to do that all the time and caused me so much heartache.

I learned this: it’s insanity to pray for guidance and then not follow it.

I used to pray for guidance and then not follow it. Now, I do my best to follow the intuition, inspiration and guidance I get, and I’m consistently improving.

The more I follow my guidance, the happier I am and the easier my life is. It used to be that my guidance didn’t make sense to me, and so my ego would talk me out of it. I used to think I had to know HOW everything would unfold before I could say, “Yes.”

I’ve discovered that if I say, “Yes,” the HOW will start to download into my awareness and my life. I have to say, “Yes,” first. That’s the hardest part for most people.

The intuition and voice of Spirit is a still small voice without attitude or judgment – that’s how you recognize it. It’s highly repetitive and not demanding at all. It has no “shoulds.”

What guidance are you getting that you could follow and say, “Yes,” to today? Say, “Yes,” be bold! Allow Spirit to guide and direct you to the next steps. If fear arises, give that to the Higher Holy Spirit Self for healing. Take little steps in the direction of your guidance and you will find your way! Spirit is always leading us if we’re willing to follow!

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