Forgiveness Made Easy!

September 20, 2016

Loving the views from the tower on Salisbury Cathedral!

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I used to really struggle with forgiveness. I felt like I was a born grudge holder. Ugh! Holding onto unforgiveness was my investment of my precious energy in burning with resentments, regrets, guilt, blame and shame. I called it my “resentment stew.”

I remember how exhausting it was to be stewing over regrets, resentments, guilt, blame and shame. It is such an intense distraction and it really leads to a depletion of energy.

Because like attracts like, the unforgiveness becomes a magnetic attractor for experiences of a similar vibration. Yikes!!!

For me, I felt like I was repeating the same kinds of upsets and experiences again and again, and that was discouraging. Managing the discouragement took a lot of time and energy, which just made me want to fall into self-medication. More ugh!

One of the things I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE about A Course in Miracles is it really teaches us how to get off that hamster wheel of debilitating emotions, upsets, and resentment stew.

Forgiveness Made Easy is my topic on my radio show today. I’m sharing some clear tips that I have never shared on the radio show before. I recorded it while I was in Germany because today I’m on a 24- hour journey to Cairns, Australia! I love this topic and I love what I’m learning – I’m so grateful I get to learn every day how to be more of my TRUE Self and live with more Freedom and Joy!

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