How to Instantly Generate Good Karma

September 25, 2016

What a blessing to get to swim in the ocean while in Cairns, Australia - with friends Brian and Tiger, oh, my!

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Would you like to generate some instant good Karma for yourself? Here are some simple ways that you can do that. A little good karma goes a long way toward shifting your mood, and opening your heart and mind to the highest possibilities of life!

Sometimes it’s challenging to look for and choose the highest and best, most loving choice, and yet, that’s still the best way to start generating some instant good karma. It does require our willingness to shift the energy.

Have you ever felt that you actually wanted to be in a bad mood? I have! OMG, I used to experience that frequently. I could be a real drama queen. Now, I have no tolerance for it at all. The very idea of it feels like rolling in garbage and then sitting in it. UGH. No thank you! Get that stink off me!

Another, sometimes easier option for instant good karma is to be grateful. Start giving thanks for anything and everything that you can think of! And let people know what you’re grateful for – share the good news of your gratitude!

It’s not too complicated to simply begin to appreciate what you have in your life that is good. Oprah said that when she began this practice the best she could do was to be great for ice cream – and look where her gratitude got her! Go for it!

To really get some SUPER DELUXE instant good karma, forgive. Forgiveness means to transform your judgments – be willing to let go and let God heal any attachments to judgments and opinions. Practice keeping your opinions and judgments to yourself and instead of sharing, speaking them, and energizing them, offer them to the Higher Holy Spirit Self for healing and transformation.

Love, gratitude, non-judgment – these are so powerful!

Add in some patience, kindness, and generosity, and you’ve got instant good karma all day long! You can shift your mood and your experience faster than you think. You really don’t have to roll in stinky mental garbage. Love yourself enough to give the heavy lifting to the Higher Holy Spirit Self!

I’m offering 3 different retreats this year – and they are ALL to support your releasing what doesn’t serve and stepping into more peace, more Love, more Joy and especially FREEDOM – click here for more info on upcoming retreats. Come join me for a deep healing, fun, play, restoration and renewal – we rock it out! Forget your troubles, come on, be happy in your healing with us!

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