Where Am I From?

September 26, 2016

Standing by a Cloutie tree in Avesbury, England - what a great spot to meditate and refresh!

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I’m heading back to the United States today after having been in England, Germany, and Australia, plus briefly Hong Kong, for the last month. I feel blessed to live on this amazing planet where people are so beautiful and the earth is so giving and gorgeous.

What I feel strongly everywhere I go is that people are really ready to be their true selves. So many are tired of living in the false and ready to do what is necessary to live their true life of Love. Me too! What a relief.

One of the things that I absolutely love about my work is it constantly teaches me the value of following my intuition. In every workshop and class, every radio show, and Daily Spiritual Espresso, I follow my guidance and I’m getting better at it all the time. The more I listen, the more I hear. The more I follow, the more Joy I experience.

Over the last month, many people have asked me where I was from. Now, if you’ve been following my Spiritual Espresso for a while you know that I’ve been on the road and traveling since I left Kauai in early April. I was in Kauai for almost a year and before that, I was on the road for over a year. Where am I from?

Am I from the place I most recently stayed?
Am I from the place where I was born?
Am I from where I lived the longest in my life?

People often ask me multiple questions to get to an answer that makes sense to them about where I am from. I get it. When they know where I’m from, they can relate to me and ask me questions about it. People are looking for a “handle” to hold onto when relating.

What I notice is that, when I moved from New York to Maine, I still felt like a New Yorker. I lived in Manhattan for ten years and I became VERY identified as a New Yorker and felt that New Yorkers were superior in so many ways.

When I first got to Los Angeles, I still felt like a New Yorker, even though I’d lived in Maine for almost three years. I lived in Los Angeles for twenty two years – more than twice as long as I lived in NYC. I never felt like a Los Angeleno, because by then, my identity was shifting to Spirit. I feel more and more like a global citizen. More and more I feel comfortable wherever I am.

When people ask, “Where are you from?” I don’t say, “I AM from pure Love and Light,” even though it’s true, because I don’t feel that I’m from there and not there now. I AM still in and of as well as from, pure Love and Light.

People have follow up questions:

Where’s your home base? I don’t have one.
Where’s your stuff? I gave away most of it and some of it is in storage in 4 different places from California to England, Maine and New Jersey.

Where do you live? Now, that’s a question I can answer, but I don’t wish to be evasive or off-putting. I live where I AM. I live in a field of infinite Love. And so does everyone else. I live in God. I rise in God. I grow and glow and thrive in God.

Where do you live? Where are you from? These are great questions. Another great question is: Where are you headed?

I’m headed home, in my mind, I AM returning home to live in the Beloved as the Beloved with the Beloved. Aren’t we all?

Today, I fly from Australia to USA – please say a prayer for ease and grace in all my travels – prayer works and I always welcome prayer support. Thank you for being my prayer partner today!

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