Best Defense

October 1, 2016

There is no way to Peace, Peace is the way.

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In sports they say that a best defense is a good offense. In other words, ATTACK! I really took that to heart when I was younger. I truly believed that being aggressively on the attack would somehow protect me. Being someone who was constantly taking offense and being belligerent, I felt that my offensive strategy was a good defense. I’ve learned so much since then.

I’ve come to the knowing that the strategy that brings the greatest sense of safety is to be in my loving heart. When my heart is wide open, loving, offering, being compassionate without holding back, without trying to manipulate, then I’m safe and protected.

If I’m defending or attacking then, there is no Peace.

It took me a while to really come to this realization that living from my loving heart is the place where I can feel at Peace. I was trying to GET Peace rather than BE Peace.

There’s no way to get Peace or make Peace from the outside in, it just doesn’t work that way. When our mind is focused on BEING loving, appreciative, kind, generous, receptive, patient and open, then Peace is the natural result.

I have found it so helpful to watch for any signs of disturbance, and to banish them right away. Nothing is worth trading my peace for. Nothing. That didn’t used to be the case, but it is now, and for this I’m so VERY grateful.

All this came with a practice of forgiveness. Forgiving everything from the past has been an epic journey. Forgiveness is how we access our heart. Forgiveness is how we keep our heart functioning effectively. And that’s why I’m offering my Forgive & Be Free Retreat in 2 weeks. If you’re interested in joining me – click here to learn more.

I wish I had known twenty years ago how much healing was possible through the active practice of forgiveness. Better late than never, that’s for sure!

I’m offering 3 different retreats this year – and they are ALL to support your releasing what doesn’t serve and stepping into more peace, more Love, more Joy and especially FREEDOM – click here for more info on upcoming retreats. Come join me for a deep healing, fun, play, restoration and renewal – we rock it out! Forget your troubles, come on, be happy in your healing with us!

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