Compare & Despair

October 7, 2016

Flowers are beautiful beyond comparison!

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I’m back in New Jersey and visiting my brother and family. My nephew, Mikey, and I have been playing the card game Phase 10 and it’s been fun. I love to play board games and card games. It’s something many of my family have in common with me. I remember loving to play Monopoly when I was pretty young.

I also remember just how competitive I used to feel and how it was an intense emotional experience. I used to get really upset if I made a “bad” move, or if I missed an opportunity. I’d get really upset about the game if I didn’t play well.

What I love now is being able to enjoy myself just as much regardless of who wins or who loses. It really is the joy of playing that matters. I love being able to have time with my loved ones and to be playful. I enjoy the strategy. Sometimes I win the game and sometimes I lose. I don’t have a better time when I’m winning. I never would have imagined that was possible before.

In my classes, folks sometimes share about the pain and suffering they experience when they compare themselves to others. We say, “compare and despair.”

There’s no point in comparing. None. It always leads to a sense of lack and limitation, hence the despair.

Comparison is a trick of the ego to help you feel more separate. It always leads to suffering. It doesn’t matter if you compare and think you’ve come out ahead or you’re lacking – since there’s only one, either way, you just feel more separate.

My invitation is to look at the habit of comparing and despairing, and to simply give it over to the Higher Holy Spirit Self to do the heavy lifting.

Life is a lot more fun without comparisons – they’re completely unnecessary and unhelpful most of the time. Give it up! Instead, celebrate what we have in common – for all of us, our true nature is perfect Love. Let’s celebrate what unites us and feel the unity!

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    Saying I’m Sorry
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