Letting the Spirit Do the Correction

October 4, 2016

We can be the joyful learning practicing course correction and having FUN!

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In my Finding Freedom and Masterful Living classes, we talk about the power of course correction to get us where we would like to go in our spiritual healing. There are some keys to really understanding course correction and making the most of it’s healing. Let’s get to healing NOW! Let’s make it fun!

Consider this: When NASA sends a rocket from earth to the moon, it can only succeed if the team employs excellent course correction. That course correction requires a great willingness to be observant. After all there are a lot of variables such as:

The earth is rotating on it’s axis and it’s spinning too;
And so is the moon.
Each planet has a gravitational pull, and they each have a different level of gravitational pull;
Plus there’s weather, wind, and other factors I don’t even know about.

That’s a lot of complexity to consider. It’s mind-boggling to the non-rocket scientist.

When we’re moving from being identified with the body to being identified with Spirit, it requires a complex and constant course correction.

The good news is, it’s FAR easier than we imagine when we’re willing to see it from a vantage point of Spirit rather than the ego.

And that’s what I’m sharing about on my radio show today.

Course correction is the way to have the life we truly desire! Let’s focus on that and increase our velocity!! AND let’s have some fun doing it!

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