Having A Successful Spiritual Career

October 29, 2016

We can have successful spiritual careers!

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Over the years I’ve met many amazing and beautiful people who absolutely love spirituality. It’s thrilling to them. I feel the same way! I absolutely LOVE spiritual principle and I Love being able to connect with like-minded souls and share what we’re learning.

Many of the folks I meet would like to be able to have a spiritual career, share what they’re learning with others and make that their career. That’s what I did and I feel so blessed every day that I get to do what I LOVE every day.

I also have met a number of people who don’t have the confidence to follow their heart. They study and study and study and study and prepare to have a spiritual career, but then they don’t seem to get off the ground with it.

I remember when I first started ministerial school, they told us that the statistics were that only a few of us would actually end up having a career as a minister and most would not.

I’ve known a number of people who never really had the confidence to succeed although they had the talent and the training. Their lack of confidence was what prevented them from living their dream.

I’d like to do everything I can to keep that from happening. For those who would like to follow their heart and have a successful spiritual career, I’d like to support them in truly going all the way. And that’s why I’m offering this free class today on having a Spiritual Career.

I know that the the Love of God can never fail. Light always wins. I also know that there are several keys to being able to be successful and not give up. I’m going to talk about this in my class today. I encourage you to come to the class and be prepared to bring on a breakthrough!

Right now, light workers are being called to step up and do what they’re designed to do – share the light! Let’s do it together!

Ready to have a breakthrough? I’m offering 2 different retreats this year – and they are BOTH to support your releasing what doesn’t serve and stepping into more peace, more Love, more Joy and especially FREEDOM – click here for more info on upcoming retreats. Come join me for a deep healing, fun, play, restoration and renewal – we rock it out! Forget your troubles, come on, be happy in your healing with us!

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    End the Belief in Unworthiness
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