Be Unshakeable

November 9, 2016

God bless us all - God bless America and it’s beautiful people.

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One of the most valuable things I’ve learned as a spiritual student is to hold the high watch for that which I desire and not to give in to negativity. I’m not yet perfect at it, but I AM getting closer. I’m fired UP! I’m ready to GO for GOD!

It seems as though the voters of America have spoken and they have elected a new President who is going to shake things up. When that happens, we must have unshakeable faith in God’s goodness.

I’ll be honest with you. I had an attachment to not having the next President of the country I live in being someone who brags about being a sexual predator.

When I was starting out in the work force, I faced old men like that in the office, old men who felt they had a right to grab my breasts and my behind, and then laugh about it, and say they were just “being playful,” and, “they couldn’t resist,” and it was my fault because, “I was irresistible.”

I’ve worked with men who were bullies and liars and bragged about it – men who said one thing and did another, and just lied about whatever they felt like lying about.

I know what it feels like to be afraid of a man like that, and to be intimidated by him.

But I’m not afraid now,
because I know the Truth.
And the Truth is:

Light will always prevail. ALWAYS.
“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”
And fear, is no-thing.
Fear is ONLY our faith misplaced.

There’s is nothing to fear – not really – about this new president.
If you fear anything then you’re giving it the energy to call it into being.
Don’t feed the darkness of your fear.
Don’t feed that wolf.

Let this be the moment that you decide to become SO FOCUSED on the light that you cannot see anything else!

The darkness isn’t real.
Only Love is real.
Only Light is real.
Why focus on the shadow when it has no power, and it is not real.

Don’t give the darkness room in your mind or your heart.

Don’t allow hate or despair.

If you need to take a moment to cry, to let your feelings be felt – that’s fine. That’s helpful.

Our feelings point us in the direction of our beliefs.

Remember, ALL feelings of upset are born of believing something that’s not actually true. Why entertain thoughts that aren’t true. Rather than invest in them, let them die.

There might be two major political parties in the United States, but there aren’t two powers. There’s only ONE power and that power is Love. That’s why the name of this ministry is Power of Love Ministry.

One thing we know about Trump is he likes to stir up the bottom. He likes to stir up the fear and hatred that people have. He likes to feed the angry wolf.

And I know a lot about feeding the angry wolf, because I was a lot like Trump. I really felt like an angry, pushy, hurt, frightened person, who was very defensive and offensive and attacking. I was a bully.

And what I learned was, it’s exhausting.
It’s also not fruitful.
And it doesn’t foster growth.

And so I know, it can’t last.
It has to shift and change, because it will just exhaust itself.

I serve the Light.
And I intend to keep serving the Light.
My life will only improve because I have more Clarity and more compassion every day.

I invite you, however you feel about this election, give yourself the time you need to feel your feelings and sort them out and then dedicate yourself to remembering the Truth that is your Freedom and the Freedom of all people.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, I didn’t think so when I scheduled it, but today is the final day to register for my Finding Freedom Spiritual Bootcamp class.

If you don’t have Peace, it’s because of your beliefs, attachments and thinking. You can change that. I’ve changed SO MUCH of my beliefs and thinking. I’m not the person I once was.

I’ve changed SO MUCH that I really do feel at Peace and I’m excited about what’s to come. I can feel the healing that is being brought forth. I feel it and I am ready to bring it forth!

Love can never fail – Light will prevail!

TODAY: Finding Freedom STARTS TODAY! My Finding Freedom Spiritual Bootcamp is a powerful and productive way to breakthrough limitations, and heal your relationships. If you’d like a tried and true step-by-step method to deepen your spiritual practice, get on track and finish this year feeling great – check out my Finding Freedom Spiritual Bootcamp class! Click here now to learn more.

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