My Birthday Prayer Request

November 28, 2016

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Today is my birthday and I feel highly blessed. You, in my life, are among the extraordinary blessings I’m aware of.  For the last many years, I’ve shared my personal prayer request with those who are interested. This year, my request is that we join together to recognize that we’re in the process of giving birth to our Divine Self, and we can make it easier for ourselves in so many ways.

My birthday prayer is that we say YES to Mothering the Divine in ourselves and being that example, that model, of what’s possible so that our brothers and sisters can become inspired and hopeful for their own journey.

All birthing is messy. It involves, pain, bleeding, screaming, fear, doubt, sweat and tears.  For most of us, we were born with great difficulty. My mother went into labor with me the night of Thanksgiving and labored from Thursday evening until Saturday morning!  PHEW!

Each of us has been waiting for this time of birthing, and we are ready, even if we don’t feel like it!  And Lord knows, we cannot stay in the womb any longer. We cannot pause in the birth canal, and we cannot return to the womb.  It’s time for us to MOVE to that higher dimensional awareness where we break free of the illusion of separation and see beyond time and space, again, at last! This IS the time we’ve prepared for.  We ARE ready.

Let’s move together through this birthing of our Divine Self with heretofore unimagined Grace and Ease.  Now, is the time for us to change our mind about how difficult it has to be. We can recognize that each one of us is surrounded by angels, seen and unseen, felt and not felt. Not one of us is alone, no matter how alone or ill-equipped we might feel.

These are challenging times for almost everyone in one way or another. It’s the challenge of giving birth to our Divine Selves that we’re experiencing. Now, we “need” our Divine Mother more than ever!

Consider that the Divine Mother and the Divine Father gave life to all creation including the Holy Christ Child, or what A Course in Miracles and other teachings call the Holy Son of God.

For a very long time we have been in this gestation period, preparing to be born as our Holy Christ Selves. And now the time of actual birth is here. Some of us would like to stay in the womb – but it’s just not possible!

Each of us is moving from the darkness into the light of our own being.
Instead of being born into infancy we’re being born into our mature Divine and Glorious Selves.

mothering-the-divineWhat we can see is that for the last 2000 years in Christian teachings we have been motherless children, raised by a single father who has been described to us as aggressively punishing, judgmental and, at times, distant, crazed and threatening. Where has our mother been?

No child can be born without a mother, and we cannot be born into our Holy Christ Selves without recognizing our Holy Mother.

The dream of separation and duality is dissolving as we learn to see with Divine Vision and recognize our unity with each other and all life. Our Divine Nature is Wholeness.  How can we accept the wholeness and unity of all life if we don’t accept it in Spirit?

Now is the time for us to be willing to once again embrace and recognize our Divine Mother aligned fully and completely with our Divine Father. In recognizing our spiritual parents, we can recognize our own natural Wholeness, and give birth to Wholeness as a Divine expression of our true Self.

This is the birth that is happening now in each of us. All around us, we’re seeing the manifestations of our belief in separation and duality – they are not hidden any more. Our willingness to recognize that we are fully loved AS WE ARE, now and forever, is part of our birthing process.

In perfect divine timing, my best friend, writer and artist, Shan Watters, has just published a book to assist us in this process of giving birth to our Divine Self.

Mothering the Divine is the perfect message, just in time. For those that are seeking to birth the Divine Self, Shan Watters’ beautiful book is the guide we have been waiting for. Mothering the Divine is an oasis of inspiration and insight from the heart of the Divine Mother. Guiding us through the journey with the thirteen moons, this book shines as a beacon of Love for those who have been searching, whether they knew it or not.

This book gives us clear insight and step-by-step support to walk this journey with the Divine Mother. You will feel much expanded and more your true Self if you follow what’s in this book. I particularly appreciate the way Shan weaves her own life experience into our journey. It’s very helpful!

Now is the time of our remembering our Wholeness and that we are loved completely by our infinite and Divine Parents. Now is our time to awaken from the dream of separation and experience the New Heaven and the New Earth.

A Course in Miracles tells us, “The basic decision of the miracle-minded is not to wait on time any longer than is necessary.  Time can waste as well as be wasted… He recognizes that every collapse of time brings everyone closer to the ultimate release from time, in which the Son and the Father are One.”  Let’s become even more willing to collapse time and space through being willing to see beyond it to our Holy Christ Selves.

In my experience, recognizing we ARE One with the Divine Mother, the Divine Father as well as each other, in one Divine Family, has been so helpful to me in eliminating a persistent sense of separation. This beautiful book helps us to eliminate confusion, prejudice and thinking that we are unworthy of the Love of our Divine Parents. This book, is a journey of remembering and reintegration with our Divine Mother so that we can give birth to our Divine Self.

I highly recommend you consider this book.  It also makes the perfect holiday gift for a spiritual friend!

Click here to see the book at

P.S.  I don’t make any money from the sale of this book, and I’m not recommending just because it’s written by my dear friend – I have felt the beauty and power of the teaching in this book, and I have found it to be helpful in healing my mind. Follow your intuition, as always, our Higher Holy Spirit Self guides us and leads us to the Highest and Best Expressions of Love as we give birth to our own Wholeness!

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