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November 19, 2016

Every lotus is a gift and I am grateful!

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I haven’t had a chance to read all the e-mails that have come in to say how helpful the class was this past Monday – Loving America Free – Lifting the Election with Love! I look forward to doing that when the retreat I’m leading ends.

In the meantime, I thank everyone who has taken the time to share with me. Each time you are grateful, I am grateful, too, and we are all lifted into a higher vibration of Love!

Offering this class is yet another reminder that I feel so blessed when I follow my guidance – even though sometimes, it makes what seems like a lot of extra work for myself and our team. I’m so glad I followed my guidance!

For those who had questions and concerns that didn’t get answered, I will do my best to answer them in future Spiritual Espresso offerings.

I ask you to please share when about the Loving America Free you see the links at Facebook – and put a LIKE on our posts at Facebook, too. This helps more people to see the opportunity to get the free downloads.

I recognize that many people are struggling and suffering now, and many people also have friends who are hurting right now. Suffering really is optional. Release of suffering requires our willingness to change our minds.

How many times have I held onto the thought that was causing my suffering? Millions. It’s not how I wish to live anymore. Forgiveness is the only way to happiness. Forgiveness is simply realizing the attachment to the meaning we made of it and being willing to see that there is a Divine Will just beyond our grasping, needing, wanting, and craving.

In truth, we are all precious and loved beyond measure. Let’s relax into that and see that even the ones we despise are loved beyond measure by the same Higher Power that loves us completely. Our cosmic parents, Holy Mother, Holy Father, do not have favorites!

Now is the time for us to embrace the people around us with the healing power of compassion and understanding in the same way that our creator embraces us all. We can have a great compassion for people whom we disagree with. That’s a beautiful thing. After all, we are one with each other whether we disagree or not!

GET THE FREE DOWNLOAD: Now is the time for us to be activated into walking the talk and living the Love for real. And that’s why I’m gathering some of my friends who are ACIM students too to discuss what we’re all feeling and thinking about the recent election.

Loving America Free
Lifting the Election with Love
Monday, November 14

Please join me on Monday for this free call – along with these other A Course in Miracles students/teachers: Bill Free, Jennifer Hadley, Jon Mundy, Vicki Poppe, Cindy Lora Renard & James Twyman.  To receive the download, please click here to register now.

Now is our Divine opportunity, let’s not miss it, let’s activate and shine the Light we are born to shine! This is how we can be most truly helpful right now!

All light workers on deck! Our time is NOW!

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