God’s Justice

November 29, 2016

Visiting the floating village near Siem Reap in Cambodia is an adventure

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One of the strongest patterns that people have is an upset related to justice and feeling things aren’t fair.  I hear it from a lot of people.

The hurt, anger, the fear and doubt that people feel because they believe that, “life just isn’t fair to them,” is really intense and painful.  And it just keeps happening to them over and over again.  Because they believe it, they keep seeing it.  As it says in A Course in Miracles, perception is projection.

We gather evidence to support what we believe and it just makes it seem more real, more permanent, more fixed, but that doesn’t actually make it true.  It’s just what we do, until we’re willing to change our minds.

Sometimes we cry out for Divine Justice even though in our mind, our opinions and judgments are not just at all.

It’s precisely because we are clinging to our opinions, which are unfair, that we feel the world is unfair and unsafe.  It’s our beliefs that are manifesting as an unsafe, unfair world – and we have the power to change our mind!

Today we’re in a new moon phase.  New moon is a time of planting seeds.  Let’s plant the seeds of a loving world that feels safe and honoring to all.

There is a Divine Justice.  It’s always operating.  IF we’re willing we can see it and feel safe again.  This is my topic on my radio show today!  Check it out!  The download is posted on the same day if you’re subscribed to the podcast.

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