Loving Our “Enemies”

November 12, 2016

I’m in orchid heaven in Thailand!

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I’ve been watching the election aftermath unfold from where I am in Bangkok, Thailand and that’s been interesting. I’ve been talking with friends who are having a variety of reactions and responses. Right away, it made me think of one of my favorite teachers, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He’s one of my heroes.

When there’s a sense of moral outrage and injustice, prejudice and fear, the life and teachings of Dr. King, Gandhi, and Jesus help me to rise above the battleground of opinions, judgments, and the despair, these thought forms bring.

Back in the late 90’s, I joined with many other people across the nation celebrating the work of King and also Gandhi. We were honoring their legacy and the teachings of non-violence. Both of these men were profoundly inspired by the teachings of Jesus and both of them inspired a revolution of civil rights within their country. Both men, their teachings and their lives, continue to inspire me and many others who desire to live a life of service, and recognize the power of Love to transform our hearts and minds as well as our world.

I’ve loved listening to and reading Rev. Dr. King’s speeches. They never fail to inspire and uplift. He had such a gift! In the last few days, one of my favorites has been much on my mind and it may help you to heal your heart if you’re hurting.

Rev. Dr. King’s Loving Our Enemies sermon is so powerful and beautiful, and I’ve made it part of both my Finding Freedom and Masterful Living Curricula. See below to watch a video where you can read and listen simultaneously.

I believe you’ll find the speech is just as powerful now as it was then, and it speaks to our hearts just as clearly now as it did then. The same lessons apply to our life every day.

As King demonstrates for us so clearly, Love is the way, Love is the answer, Love is an act of service, Love is our redeemer.

The time is always ripe for us to answer the call to Love, to forgive, and to be of service. When we live in this way, from our heart, then our life is an inspiration to all. This is our destiny and our calling. All are called.

I invite you to listen to the speech, to savor it and read along as you listen and apply King’s teaching to your life. You’ll find that if you do, your life will open up in ways you never imagined!

It’s not everyone who is willing to take a stand for Love. It’s not everyone who so values Love and understands the power of Love to heal and to redeem, that they’re willing to forgive, truly forgive, release all judgment and Love. But there are more of us. And it is the Light within us that cannot be hidden.

We can all live to serve the Light within us. All are called to shine their light. All are called to forgive. Every day offers us new opportunities to let the past go and to choose our Freedom.

A Course in Miracles tells us, “To have, give all to all.”

To have Love, strength, courage and faith – give compassion, which is Love, which is ALL, to all. Having compassion for all is our Divine opportunity to rise above our humanness and to transcend the limitations of a mundane life. All are called every day. We are called, every day.

Loving Your Enemies, from Jennifer Hadley on Vimeo.

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