No Compromise

November 15, 2016

I’ve seen the most beautiful Buddha’s in the temples here in Thailand - Buddha had no compromise.

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Yesterday’s Loving America Free call with me, Bill Free, Jon Mundy, Vicki Poppe, Cindy Lora Renard, & James Twyman was such a blessing.  It felt so nourishing to talk with friends who were on the same page and who were willing to talk about the current challenge we’re experiencing, and share their own feelings and insights.  It was beautiful.
It reminded me that I love that A Course in Miracles is so completely uncompromising.  In fact, the Beauty of it is in it’s consistency.  Love is by it’s very nature consistent and unchanging – which is completely unlike our human experience.
We have a tendency to change our minds so much and so often that we have no idea what real consistency is – and we also have no idea how comforting it is.  And yet, we can become familiar with it.
Consider how comforting true unconditional Love is.  Having someone be consistently loving and forgiving is a foreign concept to most of us – but what if we set that goal to BE that loving?
ACIM tells us that if we set the goal, Spirit will provide all that are needed for us to realize it.  Let’s set the goal to be consistently loving, kind, generous, and harmonious.
Many people won’t set that goal because they think it’s impossible.  It’s not impossible.  It simply requires our willingness to be led to the fulfillment of the goal.
I’m more willing and more ready than ever!  Let’s do it together!
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Loving America Free
Lifting the Election with Love
Monday, November 14
Please join me on Monday for this free call – along with these other A Course in Miracles students/teachers:  Bill Free, Jennifer Hadley, Jon Mundy, Vicki Poppe, Cindy Lora Renard & James Twyman.
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Now is our Divine opportunity, let’s not miss it, let’s activate and shine the Light we are born to shine!  This is how we can be most truly helpful right now!
All light workers on deck!  Our time is NOW!
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