When Compassion Hurts

November 27, 2016

I’m loving these beautiful buddhist temples in Cambodia

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In my free class yesterday, on Relationship Healing & Harmony, I shared about one of my own personal issues that I’ve done a lot of healing on.  I call it, “dysfunctional compassion.”  I notice a lot of my spiritual friends have the same issue – and most of us don’t even realize what’s going on!

We have such a strong desire to be loving, kind, gentle and generous, and to heal our old mean, petty, selfish, critical ways, that we go beyond forgiveness into allowing people to take advantage of us.

Allowing people to take advantageous is dysfunctional.  When we repeatedly ask for people to respect certain things and they still don’t, of course we’re going to forgive that and not judge it.  That’s the way to heal our mind.  But forgiving people, not judging them, is different than enabling them.

No one can take advantage of us unless we allow it.  That’s just how it works.  We have to give people our permission to take advantage of us.  And that’s exactly why we get so hurt and upset when people take advantage of us.  We’re actually judging ourselves for allowing them to do it to us, and blaming them for hurting us.  In this, we’re allowing the dysfunctional, unloving thought-pattern to continue to keep it’s hold on us and we’re blaming someone else for how we feel about it.  That’s the REAL reason we’re upset.  Because we’re enabling the ego.

The ego thought-patterns of lack, attack, limitation, and separation are insidious and tricky.

And yet, there’s only ONE POWER in this world, and that is the power of Love!  We ARE Love.  Therefore, we win.  Whenever we’re ready to apply the Power of Love in our lives, we start making amazing and miraculous headway.   Knowing this, I become more and more empowered every day to let Spirit win in my heart, my mind, and my life.

We don’t have to figure out how to have a healing – we only have to ALLOW the power of Love to win in our heart and mind, and then we’ll see it winning in our life!

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