Eliminating Fear

December 23, 2016

We’re eliminating fear now!

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If termites were eating your house, how long would you let it go before you did something different?

Getting rid of fear is easier than you think! It does require your focused attention. If you’re living in fear then give yourself a break – stop working in the world of form in order to manage, control, and manipulate your circumstances and situations, your relationships and finances into being a certain way in order to eliminate fear. That does not work. it’s the slow-drip method and it’s no longer a viable option for us. Be willing to work in the invisible – in your thoughts.

When we work in the invisible field of mind instead of pushing density in the world of form, life gets a whole lot easier.  I know for myself, and many people, the habit of pushing density is so ingrained, we don’t even realize that we’re designed to live a miraculous life.  We just keep pushing and pushing.  It’s exhausting.

Sometimes I feel that part of why so many people are on anti-depressants is because they’re light workers who are still pushing density, still thinking that they’re deprived of the life they are designed for, not realizing no one is depriving them but themselves.  While I never really felt depressed very much, I would feel despair and loads of self-judgment.

Here’s a basic tip:  Judging, complaining and criticizing always produces fear. Always. If you are sincere about wishing to live a life where you’re not motivated by fear anymore, then give up judging, complaining and criticizing. If that feels too hard to do, then you are not willing.

If you’re not willing, then your faith is in your own judgment. How much longer will you suffer before you have enough motivation to be willing to focus your attention on replacing the judging, complaining and criticizing with loving, praising, allowing and appreciating?  If you’re not sure, then decide. Give yourself a deadline.  Don’t let the termites just eat your house.

We don’t have to let pain be our motivator anymore!

Let’s be willing together!

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