Fear Fades Away

December 28, 2016

Being grateful for things as they are dissolves the fear that things should be different.

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I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the story of A CHRISTMAS CAROL, which is one of my all-time favorite movies based on the brilliant novel by Charles Dickens. My favorite movie version is the one with Alistair Sims – he is SO good, and it’s really well done even though it’s an old black and white movie (I happen to LOVE old black and white movies!)

This great movie is SO worth watching again and again – I cannot count how many times I’ve seen it – and there’s also a great version of A Christmas Carol with Bill Murray called SCROOGE.

One of the things that this beautiful redemption story illustrates is how much pain and suffering we create when we’re motivated by thinking the things of this world will protect us and validate us. When we feel WE are not already enough, we’ll try to fill ourselves up with STUFF, and of course, it never works.  In fact, just the reverse, we’re reminded that no matter how hard we work in the world of form, we just cannot feel better about ourselves with stuff.

It’s not possible for me to get a deep sense of fulfillment looking outside myself, I know that now, and so I’ve placed my attention on fully eliminating the suffering that searching outside myself has to keep bringing me. Phew!  I don’t suffer anymore, but I remember when I used to.

I remember feeling so worried and afraid that I wasn’t accomplishing enough, and I wasn’t living a life that was special.  Now, I have to laugh!  Two years ago, at Christmas, I was staying with my brother and sleeping in the unfinished basement.  It was a happy time because I was with family and we love and enjoy each other a lot.

I didn’t mind sleeping in the basement which surprised my brother.  He told me later that he was surprised.  Perhaps it required humility to feel comfortable with my quarters.  Honestly, I was just grateful to be with the ones I love so much.  Being grateful for things as they are dissolves the fear that things should be different.

There was a time when it would have bothered me and I’d have been offended that I was sleeping in the unfinished basement. Now, I’m so grateful that I can release any attachment and just be grateful for things as they are.  Specialness doesn’t suit me. When the need for specialness falls away, so does the fear!  Fear be gone!  Yes!

Many people are afraid on a regular basis. Almost all of the people I know who struggle with fear don’t even understand WHY they’re afraid. They are completely misguided about the causes of fear. This leads them to labor in vain. They labor and labor to end their fear and don’t actually ever get to the root cause.

I’m all about getting to the root cause of fear. It can be healed. I’m healing it in my own mind and so is everyone who is walking with me in Masterful Living Course 2017. This year in Masterful Living 2016, people have said the most amazing things to me about the shifts they’ve been able to make.  And probably the top three benefits from deepening their spiritual practice are:  less fear, more happiness, and better relationships.

There’s so much that can be accomplished over the course of a year when you keep your eye on the prize.  What would you like to feel at the end of 2017?  Start thinking about that now and take it one drop at a time.  By the end of the year, your bucket will be full!

Would you like a spiritual mentor who walks right beside you? Are you SO ready to have a new experience in the new year? We’re doing the deep work and the healing is revealing itself in our lives! If you’d like to join me in my year-long Masterful Living Course 2017, then please click here to learn more now.

We’re starting on January 1st.  If you’re willing, I’m willing. If this is right for you, you WILL know it.  In my year-long Masterful Living Course, a number of people have healed their depression, gone off anti-depressants, let go of old hurts and sadness that has troubled them for many years.  They have accomplished what they never believed they could do, because they gave themselves a chance, and they didn’t give up.  You can do it, too.

FREE CLASS FOR DOWNLOADING:  Relationship Healing & Harmony is a free preview class for Masterful Living 2017 – check it out and immediately start making use of the tips and tools I share in this free class.

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