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Happy Learner - Happy Traveler - Jennifer Hadley

Happy Learner – Happy Traveler

December 1, 2016
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Celebrating the Spirit at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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Recently on my radio show, I shared insights and inspiration on my own experience of healing my hurtful experiences of holidays past. I’ve learned to forgive myself and to REALLY let it go. A most valuable skill to have! Both downloads are free. I encourage you to get the recordings and give a listen!

Now, I can enjoy my holidays rather than re-hash the upsets, disappointments and hurts of the past. What a relief! What a blessing!

I used to get SO stressed out trying to make everything perfect. Shopping. Cooking. Cleaning. Decorating.

My need to have everything perfect was driven by my own judging mind. I feared judgment because I was so judgmental. The sense of lack was so intense, it was always present.

I would get so angry about the smallest things. I was often very upset about very minor financial concerns. I could get so angry at having to pay ten cents more for something. Literally.

Nothing was ever good enough. Peace was so far away that it felt impossible.

So, you can imagine how grateful I AM now. I’ve learned that the practice of Love & gratitude heals a lifetime of worry, fear, doubt, blame, shame, regret, resentment, jealousy, hurt, anger, and complaining. It really works.

Now, I can travel IN the Love of God. It’s a protective bubble that even works in the Whole Foods parking lot! I learned that one time! I’d rather count my blessings than count my grievances.

This holiday season, make that your practice. Count your blessings rather than grievances. Make it a practice of looking for what’s good and being grateful rather than looking for what isn’t working and judging it. You can decide to be the healing fulcrum point in your family.

Love is the ONLY healer because Love is our true identity. The only thing to heal is a false identification. I love the simplicity of that.

Holding the high watch for our loved ones, seeing their perfection and beauty, being able to know that it’s pristine and perfect no matter what is such a blessing to them. You can’t judge them and bless them at the same time. If you Love them bless them.

Let’s actively BE the Love of God. Let’s travel AS the Love of God and be the happy learner/travelers that we’re intended to be. In doing so, we are being God victorious! Yes!

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