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December 26, 2016

My niece, Olivia, knitted this beautiful wrap to keep me warm this winter! Love it!

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I used to really feel special for how misunderstood I felt, and how confused I felt. Few things confused me more than how quickly I got triggered into emotional distress, upset, and reaction over the holidays.

I was confused because I was studying spiritual teachings and I felt I knew so much, but my life wasn’t changing as much as I thought it could or should.

Now, I understand that I wasn’t really APPLYING what I was learning – I was studying without true loving application. A lot of the time I was paying lip service without really taking the teachings in my heart and living in my heart. It was such a great revelation to me to discover that I ACTUALLY could move out of feeling like it was so mysterious to feeling truly victorious.

Love is the key. It always has been and it always will be. We have to live from the heart in order to fully enjoy the benefits of all that spiritual study. Until we live from the heart, it’s just information and it doesn’t have the power to transform our lives!

I’m so glad I learned to choose spiritual transformation instead of collecting more information.  This has made an enormous difference in my life.

As 2017 is about to begin, I’m grateful f or the continuous transformation I feel in my heart and mind and that I see in my life.  SO grateful for the spiritual progress of transformation.

My life is very different now and I owe it all to forgiveness – my spiritual practice of active forgiveness has transformed my life and I am so grateful!

Would you like a spiritual mentor who walks right beside you? Are you SO ready to have a new experience in the new year? We’re doing the deep work and the healing is revealing itself in our lives! If you’d like to join me in my year-long Masterful Living Course 2017, then please click here to learn more now.

We’re starting on January 1st.  If you’re willing, I’m willing. If this is right for you, you WILL know it.  In my year-long Masterful Living Course, a number of people have healed their depression, gone off anti-depressants, let go of old hurts and sadness that has troubled them for many years.  They have accomplished what they never believed they could do, because they gave themselves a chance, and they didn’t give up.  You can do it, too.

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  • Related Posts:

    When Happiness Feels Elusive
    When Happiness Feels Elusive
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