Invitation to A Soulful Event

December 16, 2016

Holding a vision for a more abundant future!

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Have you ever wanted to know how feminine empowerment can transform your life from the inside out? This opportunity is for you!

My colleague, Sabine Minsky, has invited me to speak at the online event, “Your Spirited Life!”

Because I was invited to speak at this tele summit, I can invite anyone that I’d like to listen in on the entire event (not just my interview)!

Today, I’m inviting you to participate in Your Spirited Life for FREE!

Sabine asked me, and many other well-known experts, to join in a discussion that will help you discover the real secrets behind feminine empowerment, and how heart-alignment strategies are the key to not only to transforming your inner life, but everything around you as well! These are people who have overcome incredible challenges and have made it their life’s mission to help others do the same. You will feel inspired and ready, fully equipped to meet and maintain your lifelong goals, free yourself from boundaries that have consistently kept you back, deepen your level of alignment, and change your life forever.

This tele summit doesn’t cost anything, but it’s designed to support you in building the skills and strategies that will help you….

• Reconnect with your creative power; build the life of your dreams.
• Gain practical tips on amplifying the level of alignment in your life.
• Experience a delicious, nurturing and fulfilling life.
• Explore happiness from within, discovering your sense of ‘wow’ when you wake up in the morning, finding new enjoyment in your life.
• Learn how to connect to, amplify and trust your feminine power—it’s at your disposal in business, Love, family life and finances.
• And much more…

Beginning on December 20th, you can listen in as experts discuss heart connection and alignment, spiritual transformation, building confidence, self-care, and finally having the life you deserve!

I’ve been invited to speak at one of the sessions, and I share about forgiveness. This series is about helping us all stop settling for less in life than they deserve, start feeling good about themselves every day, and finally have the Peace and life they’re designed for.

Remember, it’s FREE to sign up! Here is the link:


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    Ego Loses, Everyone Wins
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