Reaching Out With Love

December 4, 2016

Visiting one of the amazing Hindu temples in Cambodia. Stunning!

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Sometimes what seems like the biggest risk is to reach out to someone I love who has been hurtful to me. When I feel others have been unkind is when I most desire to clear the air and return to Harmony. Reaching out can feel like a risk. Prayer never does. I choose to work in the invisible.

It’s been helpful to me to recognize and remind myself that what frightens the ego, and threatens the personality, is often expansive to my spiritual Self.  For instance: To the ego, forgiveness can feel like a loss.  It can feel very painful to give up the judgments that hold the unforgiveness in place.  To the Spirit, forgiveness is a huge gain.

Why is forgiveness such a healing to the Spirit?  True forgiveness is giving up the blocks to Love.  Giving UP the blocks to Love allows the Love to flow, as well as the inspiration, the Freedom, Abundance and Wholeness.

The more I walk this path, the more I find that I can always work in the invisible, which is to work at the level of the mind.  All healing happens only at the level of the mind before we see it in form – why not start where healing actually happens?

If guided, I can take what seems like the risk of the heart and reach out, offering Love, which IS offering healing.  It may seem like a risk to the ego, but the Spirit knows better and we can learn to trust that.

Prayer and compassion are always effective. Working in the invisible is never a risk. Spirit doesn’t know anything about failure.  All choices for Love bring success.  Forgiveness is always a smart move.

Novelist and poet Erica Jong says, “And the trouble is if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.”  My daily practice of non-violence has taught me that acting from Love is worth the risk, every time. When I commit myself to opening my heart, I sometimes feel exposed and vulnerable. It takes walking a distance down this path before I can gain the experience that teaches me that nothing is stronger than Love. It takes practice to learn that standing in a place of Love is the safest place of all.

Today, I move out of the fear of risk of by moving into prayer and non-judgment. These are the quantum tools that are the keys to living my life of healing and harmony.

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