Relax. Don’t Do It.

December 21, 2016

How can we judge when we see the innocence?

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Who can forget the Frankie Goes to Hollywood hit, “Relax” from 1984.  I still hear it a few times of year in a store or some place like that.  At the time that song came out, I was living in Manhattan and going out to clubs and it was a favorite song to dance to.

Now, I can use that catchy beat and melody of the refrain to remind me not to judge.

Relax.  Don’t do it, when you want to judge.

When the temptation comes to criticize, blame or judge, it’s time to relax.  The ego doesn’t see any benefit to relaxing, it only knows separation in the form of some kind of attack.

All the ego knows is lack, attack, limitation and separation.  Endlessly.  It’s a punishing loop that, fortunately, dissipates so quickly the moment we’re no longer interested in it.

I find it helpful to have little phrases and songs and rhymes to interrupt the mind.

Relax.  Don’t do it, when you want to judge.

Thinking of the Frankie Goes to Hollywood hit, and singing it to myself lightens my mood.

Relax.  Don’t do it, when you want to judge.

I’ve learned to be kind, gentle and playful with myself.  Little shifts mean a lot.  For me, it’s about treating myself like someone I love.

I used to push myself to “be better” with judgments.  Which isn’t kind.  I’d much rather be playful and make myself laugh.

Looking for the loving choices can be fun!

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