Strength or Weakness

December 27, 2016

I love my Christmas tea in a santa mug please!

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Sometimes we choose the very thought that causes us to feel weak.  It’s as if we’re Superman and we’re actually choosing to hold onto the kryptonite.  Can you relate?  Sometimes we feel so overwhelmed or so upset that we choose to sabotage ourselves.  And sometimes, self-sabotage is just a habit.

Strength or weakness is our choice, but sometimes we would rather believe that it’s happening to us rather than by us.  The idea of standing in our power feels so unfamiliar and feeling weak is so familiar that we choose the familiarity of weakness.

These are the habits and patterns that are crumbling and falling away because of our commitment to our spiritual practice.  The healing is happening, and I’m so grateful.

I’m so very excited for this new year.  I feel like it’s the year we’ve all been waiting for.

Although this new year does come with a warning:
Anything we cling to that does not serve us will not last long.

So, let’s freely release the thoughts that don’t serve and stand in the light of Love now.  Let’s get out in front of the transformation so that we can feel like we’re riding a joyous rocket to the moon rather than rocking and rolling in an earthquake.

I moved to Los Angeles the week before the 1994 earthquake that was so devastating, so I know very well how intense an earthquake can be.  I’ll take the rocket of Joy any day!

As 2017 is about to begin, I’m grateful for the continuous healing I feel unfolding in my heart and mind and that I see in my life.  I AM truly grateful for the spiritual progress of transformation.

My life is very different now and I owe it all to the transformative power of sweet forgiveness – my spiritual practice of active forgiveness has transformed my life and I am so grateful!

Would you like a spiritual mentor who walks right beside you? Are you SO ready to have a new experience in the new year? We’re doing the deep work and the healing is revealing itself in our lives! If you’d like to join me in my year-long Masterful Living Course 2017, then please click here to learn more now.

We’re starting on January 1st.  If you’re willing, I’m willing. If this is right for you, you WILL know it.  In my year-long Masterful Living Course, a number of people have healed their depression, gone off anti-depressants, let go of old hurts and sadness that has troubled them for many years.  They have accomplished what they never believed they could do, because they gave themselves a chance, and they didn’t give up.  You can do it, too.

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