Abundance & Prosperity

January 30, 2017

Fairies are great demonstrations of being in the flow of Prosperity!

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Would you like to increase your prosperity?  Your Abundance and Prosperity is related so closely to your willingness to be in the flow of Love, because, after all, Love is all there is.

Love is Abundance.
Love is Prosperity.

And Love isn’t conditional.  This means that Love doesn’t give Love, or any other thing, in order to get something in return.

If you’d like to increase your Abundance, be willing to deeply examine all the ways in which you’ve been needing to get something in return for what you give and share.  Look for places where you’re keeping score.  Begin to give AND receive without attachment.

It takes some practice.

Giving in order to get something, anything, in return is attaching judgments and opinions to your givingness.  It’s attaching a big “should.”  As in, “You should pay me back or give me something back when I give to you.”  Where’s the Love in that?

Ever since I decided to REALLY release all judgments, I’ve felt prosperous. My Prosperity isn’t related to my finances – it’s related to my ability to Love, and allow Love.  I FEEL prosperous because I’m being loving.

There are no private thoughts, therefore, can you really expect to be in the flow of Prosperity and Abundance while secretly judging? People experience your thoughts and feelings whether you articulate them or not.

Don’t most people you know agree with whatever it is YOU believe about yourself and life? That’s because like attract like – NOT because you’re correct.

So many people have such a strong belief in lack and limitation and then blame others for their lack and limitation experience. In my experience, my Abundance comes from my willingness to be loving. Willingness is everything. My willingness to be loving IS my Abundance.

I AM cultivating abundant willingness!  And therein lies my Prosperity!

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