America, The Beautiful

January 20, 2017

Pink pussy hats on parade!

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Today, I’m heading to Washington, D.C. with Debbie, my sister-in-law, for the Women’s March.  (Yesterday, I wrote a whole Espresso about it – you can read that here.)  Debbie’s made pink pussy hats for both of us.  We’re pretty stoked that we’re able to go and join what we hope will be an extraordinary expression of our constitutional rights.

The truth is all lives matter.  We all matter.  Making America great again doesn’t include going back to the days when women died from abortions or when the teenage pregnancy rate was higher.

Maybe instead of, “making America great again,” we can BE America, The Beautiful.

I also would like to be a voice for being united and ending divisiveness.  I know that Unity is the answer to everything because we’re already all One.

Yesterday, I wrote an email about some suggestions of what to do today.  In case you didn’t see it, I’m sharing it here:

In my weekly Sacred Circle spiritual counseling call yesterday, the ever-beautiful Linda Soto asked me if I had any suggestions for her and her friend of what to do together on inauguration day.  Two suggestions immediately came intuitively.

The first was to in get some Jack Daniels, or a bottle of vodka, actually tequila seemed the most perfect, and a bag of weed and then to really just tune out.  Bam!  Healed!


Actually, the inspiration that came to my awareness was to do my New Year’s Reboot class, which I offered on January 1st, and is PACKED with SUCH truly helpful tips for you to lay the foundation for the most awesome year ever – and that got me thinking about YOU.

Now, here’s the main thing – get your journal, maybe invite a friend or two, have some pot luck – meaning casserole dishes and food, I’m not referring to the weed mentioned above 😉 – (and if weed is your thing, no judgment!).

Make a fun time of it.

Seriously, this was my very best New Year’s Reboot class.  If you do what I suggest, you’ll not only feel inspired, and have some FUN, you’re going to have an amazing year of transformation.  NOW is the time to go for it!

Of course you can do it on your own, but if you’re like Linda and you’re planning to get together and do some spiritual practice with a friend, then New Year’s Reboot can bring you some real inspiration to ground your year.

It’s all about BEING the change we’d like to see in the world.  That’s the very best gift we can give to the world.  Everything I offer is geared towards that.  We’re not just studying the information anymore, we’re

Walking the Talk and Living the Love.

That’s how we truly live A Course in Miracles, and that’s how we make our whole life a truly helpful expression of Love.  We seek not to change the world, but to change our own mind about the world and then the world miraculously does change.

Our personal spiritual practice that actively transforms and transmutes the lead of our upset into the gold of our loving heart is the only thing that’s really ever made a difference in our lives or anyone else’s.

Now is the time for us to rise and shine!  There’s no time for complaining, that paradigm is OVER!

My New Year’s Reboot class is only 22. and it’s two hours long, and of course, all the money supports the ministry and our free classes, radio show, ACIM App, etc.

50% Discount!!

However, if it’s an incentive for you to really go for it, how about a code for a 50% discount.  That’s only 11. for – and I’m not kidding here – the roadmap for your most healing, loving, transformative year EVER.  It’s worth it!

The code is NYR50 – so when you’re checking out, just put in that code and you’ll get the 50% discount.

Click here to order New Year’s Reboot and download the audio and the transcript right now.  Please use the code if you’d like the savings.

And please include me in your Facebook post if you have a photo, or a share, about your Reboot party – whether it’s on your own or with friends. I’d like to know about it!  Or just email me and let me know your results!  You can always friend me at Facebook if we’re not friends already.

Let’s be UNBOTHERABLE this year and, together, take our spiritual practice to the highest levels of Love!

Oh, and I’m probably going to do a Facebook live video, too, on my A Course in Miracles Radio facebook page.

NEW CLASS! My New Year’s Intention class is a 4-part series that you can begin right now. Register and you get the first two classes right away – 2 more weeks to join us live and lay the ground work for your most healing year ever! It’s the best way I know to get motivate and inspiration to have a different experience this year.  Please click here to learn more now!

If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful, won’t you please share at facebook and twitter to let others know?  Thank you!

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