Best Investment Ever!

January 14, 2017

We’re blooming and blossoming!

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The one and only person I need to make contact with every day is myself, and by that, I mean the Holy Self, the Spirit Self – the Higher Holy Spirit Self. There are so many wonderful ways to make contact with my Higher Self. I can meditate, write in my journal, take a walk, or simply be still and contemplative. All the great mystics have known and shown that the Kingdom is within. We must learn to be in constant conscious contact with the inward voice. This is essential to living a loving, nonviolent, awakened life.

My relationship with my self is the most important relationship I have. As in any successful relationship, I must be a good listener and a good communicator. There needs to be respect and admiration. I need to value my self and honor my self in order for the healing I desire to occur.

If the people I love ignore me and don’t acknowledge me, it feels like an act of hostility. When I ignore my inner voice, I am being unloving and uncaring towards my self.

I work with this every day of my life – to be more awake and aware is my goal!

It’s crazy-making to tell yourself and others that you’re interested in profound mystical expansion and enlightenment while you choose not to tune in, tap in, and commune with the highest aspects of your awareness.  Living that way is saying one thing while doing another. Your entire life will be in conflict if that’s how you live.

Ignoring the Higher Self can become a habit. I’ve learned that I can replace any destructive habit with a constructive one. I’ve realized that developing the habit of connecting inwardly has been a great healer in my life. I take the time to to listen and it saves a huge amount of time, effort and $$ cleaning up after the mistakes that come from not honoring Holy Self.

When there’s fear, we’re listening to ego rather than Spirit.  The fear is the alarm bell letting us know we’ve gotten off course from living a loving life.  When there’s fear, worry and doubt, our faith is in our little self, rather than our Higher Self.

Today the invitation is to take stock of how interested you are in listening to the inner voice. Commit to invest some time to consciously contact your Higher Holy Spirit Self each and every day. Get invested in that relationship. It’s the most important relationship you have. In this way you honor and respect your self and you become the vibration of honor and respect. Like attracts like.

PLUS, As you do this for yourself, you can offer it to others and in so doing you become the message of Love. You become the healing presence in your own life. Why delay, when healing is here for you now!

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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