I AM Awakening!

January 7, 2017

We’re awakening to the beauty in everything!

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I AM focused on healing. I don’t have any problem telling anyone who’s interested that I’m actively working on my healing. I used to have the experience of 2 steps forward and 1.99 steps back – I had that experience a lot. It was really painful. I had lots of self-judgment and self-inflicted pain and suffering, berating myself for not doing better.

Yes, I’ve experienced steady growth, but there were constant set backs, and I often felt ashamed that I couldn’t seem to do better. Now, all that has changed.

I feel a steady progressive healing. I have learning experiences, but no set backs. Why? Because I’m not judging myself for being a learner. I’m SO grateful that I can be a learner.

This year, I’m so willing to rock this healing, learning journey! I’ve been amazed that I could accomplish the amount of healing that I’ve had so far and I’m going for the total healing. I’m focusing on waking up. All of the ways that don’t serve me are being brought to the light for healing.

We have so much support from the invisible. Let’s accept it. Let’s allow the healing to happen and not get in the way of it anymore.

Let’s truly allow ourselves to be learners, without judgment. Harvesting the Wisdom that we learn from making errors. When we seem to fall off track, we get back on track by having compassion for ourselves.

Compassion is Love and Love is our healer, because Love is our true identity. When we choose loving choices, we are choosing to align with Truth, and that is liberating.

This is the year of New Beginnings.  This is the year of our reveling in the light! I claim it and I allow it! And so it is!

Are you ready to rock this year of New Beginnings? Let’s do it together!

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