Lift-Off is Here!

January 13, 2017

I’m choosing heaven today!

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I’m no rocket scientist, but it seems to me that getting the lift-off seems to be the most arduous part. If you’re sending a rocket to the moon, once you get the rocket headed away from the earth, it’s all about two main things: constant course correction, and having the necessary fuel supply.

It seems similar for our spiritual journey. Lift-off is when we finally DECIDE to release the tether of the ego identification, the small, selfish self. Lift-off is when we DECIDE to remember our true nature and identify with Spirit once again. It’s when we decide that Love REALLY is the most important thing in our life. It can seem like a Herculean effort to get to that DECISION.

Once I made that DECISION to be my true self no matter what it took, then I had to be vigilant for the myriad ways I could be distracted and deterred. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. The battle was constant.

My determination to choose Love brought me into a clearly identifiable purification journey. It is the process of elimination that reveals your inner illumination. I was clearing away everything that was obscuring the light of Spirit.

In that lift-off period, it’s so easy to quit. It’s so tempting to give yourself permission to say, “I can’t do it. I tried SO HARD, but I cannot do it.” Yet, you CAN do it. Love is what you ARE. Sooner or later, we all decide to remember who we really are and value the truth more than the story we’ve made up.

Choosing Love moment by moment is a purification process. It’s deeply challenging. It’s profoundly healing. It’s everything. You have everything you need-pre installed. Love is your rocket fuel. Love is your lift-off. You decide, are you willing to Love or not?

I AM willing to prove God as my very life! I AM willing to choose Love today!

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    Ego Loses, Everyone Wins
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