Making Inspired Decisions

January 24, 2017

We always have choices!

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Decisions are game-changers.  It’s definitely possible to make your spiritual awakening your #1 priority, and also, your only priority. It’s a decision.  It’s a shift in your life and in your thinking, because of the decision you make.

Truth is that everything is a projection of our minds, so all the details – the paying of bills, the doing of dishes, the picking up the kids from school – everything can be a part of our spiritual practice. Even facebook can be a part of our spiritual practice – if we decide to approach it that way.

All that this transformation requires is a willingness to see with Divine Eyes and to make healing the priority. The Higher Holy Spirit Self will turn everything into a part of your spiritual practice if you ALLOW it.

What I’ve learned is that living this way makes life SO much easier. It transforms EVERYTHING. Decide that this is what you’d like to do. For instance, let’s take a look at two intentions for doing a simple task like cutting the grass in the yard.  It’s the decision that counts.

Intention #1 – You can mow the lawn in order to have the chore done and that’s all. If that’s your intention, you might spend the whole time ruminating about what other people think of you.

Intention #2 – You can do the same chore as part of your spiritual practice. If working in the yard is part of your spiritual practice, you can make it a mindfulness meditation and time to meditate in nature. You can dedicate yourself to sharing beauty and communing with Mother Earth.

Your intention will determine the benefits. There’s no extra charge to make even the most mundane chores part of your spiritual practice and there’s so much benefit.

Think about running errands as a way to bless people all over town!

There’s so much healing that’s available to us now. We really can give the Spirit the heavy lifting. Willingness is what’s required. Are you willing to make the decision that blesses every day?

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