New Year Reboot 2017

January 1, 2017

Day 1 of 2017 Sunrise Meditation of the heart.

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[dbsc] Right now I’m in North Carolina leading my New Year’s retreat and it’s inspiring! I feel so blessed to be able to live the life I love.  For a long time the life I live now was a dream.  I had so much fear about how I could ever make it happen. I constantly wondered, “how could I ever be a successful minister and support myself doing what I love so much?”

Fortunately, I was truly willing.  I had a great desire to serve the Light, and to truly live the Love and walk the talk each day with more and more Clarity, and I still do.  Serving the Light with Love is my passion.

The thing I’m most interested in is to share what I’ve learned that has turned my life from a life of fear and self-disgust to a life of Love and miracles.  I know that it works.  Almost every day receive testimonials from people who are applying what they learn and having miracles.

This is how we’re designed to live – loving, laughing, shining and being miraculous.  

Because it’s NATURAL for us to live a miraculous life, it’s painful when we’re not feeling great about ourselves and our lives.  it’s not natural to us.  We are miracle beings.

And that’s why I like to start Day 1 of the new year with strong intentions, clear steps that help, and joining together to activate a powerful trajectory for a new year!

Today is Day One of a whole new paradigm – if you’re willing, I AM!

New Year’s Reboot
January 1st


Class time is:
Los Angeles 10:00 AM ~ Chicago 12:00 PM ~ New York 1:00 PM ~ London 6:00 PM ~ Germany 7:00 PM ~ Greece 8:00 PM ~ Tokyo 5:00 AM (January 2nd) ~ Sydney/Melbourne 7:00 AM (January 2nd)

You can register right now for only 22.

If you can’t join me live or you see this email later – you’ll get the download and transcript later and use everything in the class to expand your possibilities for 2017.

I encourage you to plan now to listen to the class again – make an appointment with yourself and gather some friends to share and do it together.  This will make a REAL difference in your ENTIRE YEAR!

Every year, New Year’s Reboot class on January 1st is how I kick off my year-long Masterful Living Course. Consider making 2017 your year of new beginnings with me.  I’m preparing for my best year EVER – Let’s do this together!

You can even register for my Masterful Living Course 2017 right now too and join me for an amazing year of transformation starting today and get New Year’s Reboot as my gift.

Let’s decide to make it our best year ever – Spirit will guide us when we’re willing!

Bring your notebook or journal and be prepared to dive right in with me!

I’ve got a lot to share on this topic and I’m looking forward to kicking the year off in my New Year’s Reboot class TODAY on January 1st!  Click here to learn about this class now.

Say goodbye to 2016 and start Day 1 of this New Year with me!

If you register for my New Year’s Reboot and decide to join Masterful Living 2017 later, you can apply the 22, to your tuition!

If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful, won’t you please share at facebook and twitter to let others know?  Thank you!

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