February 27, 2017
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Faith Lights the Way

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I’ve done a lot of traveling.  Last year, I pretty much went around the world twice.  When I travel on an airplane, I have confidence it will go fine even though I have no idea how it works. I am clueless about the workings of a plane. Fortunately, my not knowing doesn’t keep the plane from flying. I’m the passenger not the pilot. I don’t set the course, but I decide to go along for the ride.  I’ve chosen my destination.

Aviation employs principles I’ve never learned, but those who’ve studied it understand it completely and I put my faith and trust in them. Similarly, Spiritual Laws and principles work whether I grasp them or not. Spiritual Law operates in all areas of my life, 24/7. I can use these laws effectively if I comprehend them. I can set the destination, but not the course.  My Higher Holy Spirit Self sets the course.

Through my spiritual practice, I’ve come to know spiritual law and principle. I’ve come to see and know how my faith demonstrates in my life. Jesus, Buddha and Mother Theresa all studied spiritual principle and achieved mastery through living their practice.

The more I practice and apply spiritual law, the more it reveals itself to me and I can be the co-pilot with God. My ability to use spiritual principle in ways that are gratifying expands as I apply what I learn. There are no secrets here. My faith is the point in my being through which I am in league with the infinite. I need to actively engage my faith in order to see it demonstrate clearly and with mastery.

Ernest Holmes told us, “There will never be an end to God, nor to any of the attributes which are co-eternal and co-existent with God. If we are wise we shall cultivate a faith in these realities. This is not a difficult task, but a thrilling experience.”

Jesus told us that we could do even more than he did. He also told everyone he healed that it was their faith, and not his, that made them whole. This is the infinite possibility that’s available to all of us. In faith ALL things are possible.

Today, I engage my faith and use it to pilot my life experience. I study peace and love; I study the desire of my heart. I practice trusting more in what I can’t see than in what I can see. I look beyond the image of the angry rude person in my experiences and see that they are feeling frightened.  Anyone who is frightened has placed their faith in their own false beliefs. That person deserves my compassion, even if they’re attacking me.

When I look without judging, I can see their upset as a prayer request. When I look deeply, their prayer request answers my own desire to be more patient and more loving. This is my practice of stepping out on faith. The more I practice, the more solid it becomes. Now I can see and feel that we really are all One and I am in league with the infinite pilot of all life.

Faith is a light in the darkness.  No matter how dark it is, even the smallest light can banish the darkness and shift the energy.  We are the Light.  YOU are the Light.

I AM determined to see.  I AM willing to live by faith.

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