Love Doesn’t Keep Score

February 13, 2017

Letting love win is beautiful!

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As we approach Valentine’s Day many of us are thinking about relationships.  Valentine’s Day in many ways can cause more strain on relationships because for some it becomes another way for the ego to play a game with us, and it usually has to do with keeping score.

Love doesn’t keep score.  It doesn’t know how.

Love is the all in all – how could there ever be a score that wasn’t complete Oneness all the time – only with a belief in limitation is there a way to keep score and think that there’s more or less.

Honestly, what’s the point in keeping score UNLESS  you really would like to feel more separate.  Isn’t the whole point of keeping score to see who has more points and then feel separate and upset about it?

Does anyone keep score in order to celebrate how much Love everyone around them is expressing?  No, the score keeping is a weapon of mass distraction that’s simply not helpful and usually ends up with someone feeling resentful and hurt.

If you’re a scorekeeper just give it up, because no good can come from it.

Love naturally gives and shares and doesn’t keep score.

Love is patient, Love is kind, Love is generous.

When we’re giving to get something in return, then we feel resentful and we’re in scorekeeper mode.

The way to stay in your heart is to be willing to put Love first and let Love win – for it surely will!

When we’re keeping score we’re co-dependent and that is a pattern that can be dissolved and resolved by our willingness.  Once again, our willingness is all that is required!

Take a step for Freedom and look around your life and see if you can find any place you’re keeping score and simply stop.  It does require you to TRUST Love.   It can take practice to break the habit of giving to get, but it’s SO worth it to have the flow of Love back in your life.

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