Relationship Clarity

February 21, 2017

Holy relationships help us to recognise our innocence.

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I love how it says in A Course in Miracles that, when we see one thing or one person differently, we’ll see everything differently.  We’re on a journey to let go of our projections so we can actually see with true VISION.

When we are willing to see things for their true purpose, it is the beginning of true sight.  Our relationships afford us the very best opportunity there is in this world to purify our mind.

I dedicate February to relationships on my weekly radio show.  And this whole month, I’m doing something different.  We’re still focusing on relationship healing and holy relationships, and this month, I’m taking live calls and written in questions to do one-on-one Q&A help, just like I do in my weekly Sacred Circle Spiritual Counseling calls.

Please share with friends, loved ones and at Facebook – to let people know they can come and ask their relationship questions – I’m only taking questions about relationships.

Here’s the link to either call or write in a relationship question today

The broadcast is LIVE at 11am Eastern, 8am Pacific, 4pm UK.

Please come join me live today and bring your questions!

RADIO SHOW TODAY:  On my radio show today, my topic is Relationship Clarity.  You can join in LIVE on my radio show this week and call in to ask me your specific questions about your relationships – click here for details – or you can click here to get the download later at iTunes or Stitcher for Androids. All the previous episodes are free at iTunes right now!  Transcripts are available here:  Living A Course in Miracles.  You can subscribe to the podcast and get the show every week automatically.  On your phone, iPod, iPad, or computer.  Check it out! And if you enjoy the radio show, will you please help out and write a review so more people find the show? Thank you!

Retreat with me!  I’m offering a deeply healing, renewing and restoring retreat, March 16 to 19 in New York.  As always on my retreats we’ll have a lot of fun while we’re doing a lot of deep cleansing and clearing of old emotional and mental baggage so that we can live a much higher quality of life and be more available for LOVE.  It’s such a relief to let the negative patterns and resentments, the guilt, shame and blame go!  If you’d like to start your spring with real Clarity and healing, come join me!  Click here for details about my Masterful Living Retreat – the early bird discount is on now – this retreat is open to all – come and bring a friend!

If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful, won’t you please share at facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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