Truth Is Our Liberation

February 6, 2017

All things are possible with Faith in the Truth.

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“All thought produces form at some level.” A Course in Miracles

Form = our experience, our feelings, and the circumstances of our lives

Our thoughts become our experience, at some level.

It’s our thoughts that produce our feelings. When you believe something that’s not true, you don’t feel peaceful. Our feelings let us know that what we’re thinking isn’t true. Truth sets us free.

Truth is our liberation because Truth is what we are.
LOVE is the only healer – it’s the perfect true thought!
Love is what we are.

When we choose to believe something that’s not true, it upsets us. The more convinced of the lie we are, the more likely we are to be upset. Often, the upset is unbearable, and so rather than choosing Truth, we choose self-medication in order to escape the suffering caused by our choice to believe that which is not actually true.

It’s amazing to me that we’ve all got that inner Divine Alarm Clock pre-installed – to help us know whenever we’re choosing to believe that which isn’t actually true, such as: I’m not good enough.

It’s a great thing to realize that every little upset and every big one is that Divine Alarm Clock going off to let us know that we can choose again and choose the Truth that sets us free!

Why would you wish to choose again if it meant you could have Peace?

People would pay so much money to have Peace, but how willing are they to choose Love and compassion, to be patient and kind?

There’s such a Freedom that comes from being disciplined for Love and by Love.  It doesn’t seem like it at the outset, but the effort is so worth it!

When we tell ourselves it’s hard to change, we’re really affirming that we’re separate.  When we give Spirit the heavy lifting, there is no hard.  Let’s give all the heavy lifting to Spirit and choose Freedom right now!

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