Unity Is More Than A Theory

February 26, 2017

One life, one Love, the All in All.

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When I was in ministerial school at the Holmes Institute it was a very intellectual program.  (Which is why the ministerial program we’re creating at Power of Love Ministry is deeply spiritual and transformational.)  We were required to take classes in quantum physics, and I can see the value of having that information, which could possibly lead to insight, but I didn’t personally find it healing.

Nonetheless, I do find it helpful that quantum physicists have scientifically proven that we are deeply connected to all of life.  There is a quantum field in which we live, move and have our being and even scientists recognize that.  There is not one of us who can remove ourselves from that profound interconnection and interdependency.  Unity is evidenced in theories such as “The Butterfly Effect” and “the 100th Monkey Syndrome.” The Holographic Field Theory is yet another theory of unity – isn’t it interesting that it’s just a theory?

For me, I most often experience this sense of unity in my prayer practice. I am aware in my being, in my body and spirit that the prayer I’m praying is active everywhere at the moment I’m praying it. I become keenly aware of living in a universe (not a biverse or a triverse) that is awake and alive to my every thought. It’s responding to me in every moment.

In the unity there is no space or time there is only now. My prayer doesn’t have to travel distance in time and space in order to arrive where it is needed. My prayer is placed in the unified field of energy in which we all live and move and have our being. Everywhere I go there is both visible and invisible evidence of the unity of all life. I have learned to cherish this connection, this interdependence. It is frequently offering me the most spectacular evidence of Divine Grace at work in my life.

Today I look for ways to see beyond outer differences in opinions, appearances, or goals. I look for the ways in which there is connection and synchronicity and I give thanks for the evidence of unity all around me. I commit myself to looking for the meeting point of underlying unity that exists in diversity and I receive that awareness of unity as a gift of expanding awareness. Today I lift my eyes to see divinity in the unity of all life showing up in MY life. As I am lifted, all are lifted.

How are you seeing and feeling the unity of life showing up int he quantum field of your experience?

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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