BE the Peace

March 18, 2017

Peace is our natural state.

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If you study a spiritual teaching and learn everything about it to the point where you can teach it, but you don’t fully live it, then you’re fooling yourself. You don’t really know it.

For years, that was me.  I thought I knew the teachings because I knew the concepts and the words.

This is the error that many spiritual students, and even spiritual teachers make: they believe an intellectual knowledge is the same thing as a spiritual knowing and nothing could be further from the Truth.

No one who really knows the Truth would fail to live it.

For years, I had an intellectual understanding of the Law of Cause & Effect. I understood that my thoughts were made manifest in form. I thought I understood that form is my experience, my feelings, and my life. And yet, I still gave myself permission to pour my precious attention into energizing thoughts and beliefs that I ABSOLUTELY did NOT want to see made manifest. I still gave myself permission to think these thoughts, invest in them, and share them with others. My tragic mistake was that I put more attention on trying to change the world than to change my thinking.

How could I give myself permission to energize negativity and then blame others for those results showing up in my life, in my emotions, and in my experience unless I didn’t really believe the Law of Cause & Effect?

Knowing a spiritual teaching intellectually is like saying, “I know how to put a man on the moon because I saw it on TV.”

Living a spiritual teaching and truly embodying it is landing your rocket on the moon and being able to show others how to do it, too. That’s how big the difference is!

The biggest error most spiritual students make is they settle for a postcard of the moon when they can live the adventure themselves! I can’t settle for a picture of Peace. I AM willing to know, embody and live the Truth that sets me FREE!  I AM willing to BE the Peace I’d like to see in the world – now!

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