Clearing Out the Past

March 23, 2017

Let’s begin again with clear intention and high aspiration!

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Do you feel that pull to clear the inner clutter NOW? I do!

I’ve learned and proved that Love is the healer of all the painful patterns in my life.  Forgiveness is the way.  I’m focusing on all the ways that I can be more fully and completely loving with myself and with others, and I’m feeling that purification happen.

One of the coolest things we get to experience as spiritual seekers who are really doing the work is that the more we clarify and purify, the more we can celebrate our Divinity. It’s such a powerful experience of healing that begins to be more and more evident.

For example – let’s say you have a garage full of old stuff. So much stuff to clear – boxes and boxes of old junk that you once really valued, but now it’s just sentimental stuff you don’t really care about. Perhaps there are old garments – like outmoded ways of thinking and being and expressing. Perhaps there are some stinky, moldy things that are like old hurts festering and long-forgotten vows and commitments that either have been broken and discarded or vows of revenge and retribution that you don’t even remember making and all of that is taking up your storage space – it’s the internal clutter that requires SO MUCH energy to keep managing and coping with. Phew!

Now is the time to do that spiritual spring cleaning!
And yet, having a whole entire garage jam packed with a big old mess can seem so daunting. Just beginning seems overwhelming sometimes.

I am so familiar with that feeling of resistance and reluctance. And that’s exactly why I share what I’ve learned about how to move that mountain of stuff.

What I absolutely know is that no matter how little energy you have and no matter how intense things are, NOW is the time to begin do it and we can do it together.  I invite you to make an aspiration today to get to it and don’t delay. Instead of investing in managing and coping with that clutter, invest yourself in clearing it out and finally and forever so that you can invest yourself in sharing your gifts and talents, in having a life of Love and Prosperity!

What I absolutely know is that your heart knows the way! Cultivate that willingness moment by moment. Gain momentum and strength through dedicating yourself to being loving, patient and kind. Each day there are so many opportunities to deepen your spiritual practice so that your whole life becomes a living testimony to Divine Love! There is nothing else in this life that could possibly be more valuable than this! How wonderful that we can begin now!

I appreciate being able to continuously go back to the beginning and start again with a beginner’s mind and look for the ways to choose Love each day.


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