Clearing Pain Patterns

March 8, 2017

It’s a good time to begin clearing the pain patterns PERMANENTLY!

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Spiritual practice clears away the emotional patterns of reaction and upset that clutter our mind and heart and take up so much energy.  Talk about bringing great benefits!  Sign me up!  Why would I NOT have a spiritual practice to help with clearing the mental and emotional clutter?

A focused spiritual practice clears away the exhaustion of confusion from the mind.

I used to invest so much of my precious time and energy in feeling upset and irritated. I was CONSTANTLY taking offense. It took me many long and hard years to realize that manipulating others with my upsets and moods was making MY life miserable. I didn’t know any better. Truly, when I was a walking time bomb of emotion, I actually believed that being upset and taking offense was my only power.

Manipulating people with my upsets felt compulsive in the moment, but there was always a horrible “hangover” afterwards.

I remember feeling enraged because I felt so helpless. Then when I calmed down, I would feel pretty awful because I’d lost control and hurt the ones I cared about. It was a vicious cycle. I felt as though I didn’t have anyone to help me.

It was not easy for me to reign in the wild and angry horses that my thoughts seemed to be. It was really challenging for me to learn HOW to value Peace of mind more than being right or defending myself. It’s been quite a journey. I’ve had SO much healing from staying focused on my spiritual practice.  It’s the best way I know to clear the pain patterns.

Right now, SO MANY people are going through intense challenges. It seems that many people are highly sensitive and on the brink of a breakdown. I see it this way – that breakdown can be a HUGE BREAKTHROUGH if people decide that’s what they’re interested in. It requires being willing to let things change and to keep looking for the most loving choices.

Always looking for the most loving choices IS the way to turn that breakdown into a breakthrough.

Learning to choose Peace rather than attack has been the hardest thing I ever did AND the most worthwhile. I’m consistently amazed at how many benefits there are to having a strong spiritual practice and clearing out the old emotional clutter that repeats and repeats.  Peace, Love and Joy are three of the miraculous benefits of clearing the pain patterns!  Your willingness to say YES to healing is all that’s required.  And, if you can also practice forgiveness, you’ll be amazed at how fast the healing happens!

Retreat with me!

I’m offering a deeply healing, renewing and restoring retreat March 16 to 19 in New York.  As always on my retreats we’ll have a lot of fun while we’re doing a lot of deep cleansing and clearing of old emotional and mental baggage so that we can live a much higher quality of life and be more available for LOVE.  It’s such a relief to let the negative patterns and resentments, the guilt, shame and blame go!  If you’d like to start your spring with real clarity and healing, come join me!  Click here for details about my Masterful Living Retreat – the early bird discount EXPIRES TOMORROW – this retreat is open to all – come and bring a friend!

TODAY is my Sacred Circle day!  This is my monthly membership program that gives you a weekly call of group spiritual counseling.  Join my Sacred Circle and you can ask me any question you would like on the phone, on line or in writing!  I love it!  We have an awesome group of people who are doing the deep work!  Try my Sacred Circle for a month and see!  4 spiritual counseling calls with me each month – ask me any question!  Join me live or get the download later.

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