Eliminate Your Pain Patterns

March 22, 2017

Let’s eliminate the pain and start learning through Joy now!

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Some people are so used to repeating the same painful experiences again and again that they really don’t realize that all suffering is optional.  I get it.  It’s because they think that life is happening TO them instead of BY them.

The hardest thing in the world for me was to take responsibility for my life and to stop blaming other people for my unhappiness and hardships.  I resisted taking responsibility so much because I thought it would be an admission of my personal failure.  What I didn’t realize was that I was failing every day that I wasn’t taking responsibility.  Taking responsibility, giving up blame, and putting my Higher Holy Spirit Self in-charge of my thoughts began to shift everything for me.

Healing can be a journey, and it can be an ever increasingly joyful journey, for which I am so grateful!  Last weekend on my Masterful Living retreat, people were having so much fun doing their healing.  Yes, a lot was brought up for healing.  Yes, tears were shed, but in the end there was a sense of encouragement, inspiration and great willingness.  Things had shifted.

So much more healing is possible than any of us can even really conceive of.  Let’s claim it together and get out of repeating the pain patterns.  We CAN get free of the past, at last.  We can do this together.  Today’s the day, no delay!

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