Focused On Love

March 6, 2017

Hummingbirds are a beautiful example of focus.

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One of the challenges every spiritual student I know has is the myriad of distractions that the ego shows up as. One of the main distraction is thinking that we need to accomplish a lot in order to be worthy of Love. I used to think that my sense of self-worth came from what I accomplished in the world. Now, I know that’s crazy thinking and I’m so grateful!

And still, even though I know it’s insane to think that my worth comes from what I do, I still can find myself being distracted by accomplishing things that really don’t make any spiritual difference in my life.

Many times I’ve felt overwhelmed by how much there was to do, so I’ve just decided to do something simple, like get some laundry done, or answer some e-mails, when it would be far more effective to tackle something more taxing.  When the ego senses pressure, sometimes, that’s when the distractions can become mighty appealing.

Keeping a spiritual focus is difficult until you really make up your mind to be focused. What does being focused on spiritual awakening actually mean? For me, it means choosing Love all day long. I miss opportunities every day. Some days, I really get distracted with doing stuff. There’s a lot of doing to get done with a ministry where thousands of people participate. I’ve learned that it’s good for me to take breaks and go back to center and source.

I’ve learned to pray again and again throughout the day. That’s one of the reasons why I created my Daily Prayer and Spiritual Espresso so that we could join together, beyond time and space and remember the real purpose of our lives.

I have friends who are SO good at getting all their errands done and keeping a totally clean, orderly and organized house. I find that I tend to procrastinate on chores in favor of focusing on my spiritual expansion. It’s a matter of priorities. It’s also a matter of what really lights you up and for me, getting chores and errands done isn’t it. I find that they’re a distraction for me. Sometimes, I’ll avoid running an errand or doing a chore until there’s no need to do it. My way isn’t for everyone, but it works for me.

I used to get a sense of accomplishment from getting things done around the house. I used to get that sense of accomplishment from volunteering and being of service. Now, my sense of myself and my sense of accomplishment really does come from being loving and kind.

It’s so wonderful to be genuinely loving and compassionate in situations that used to be challenging and difficult. What a blessing! It’s so completely DO-able! It’s worth going for!

Let’s not be distracted in our ability to choose Love. Let’s give ourselves the gift of cultivating spiritual focus! Together, we’re focused on Love, the only thing there is and the only thing that matters. Sweet!

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