Forgiveness Frees Financial Flow

March 12, 2017

Getting in the flow!

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For years I’d heard people say that prosperity had to do with forgiveness. I didn’t get it. I didn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it.  I didn’t get it UNTIL I was willing to forgive everything.

Now, I know that financial flow has to do with non-judgment.

Non-judgment is the key to forgiveness.

All is One. If we deny anyone anything at all, then we’re in limitation.

Everyone I know (including myself) who experiences lack, thinks of lack on a regular basis.

In God, the All in Alll, there can be no lack. How could there be lack in the All.

Do yourself a HUGE favor – start to COUNT the thoughts of lack and limitation.  I find it so helpful to keep track of things to be the observer.  To “pay” attention.

Each one reinforces the experience of lack and limitation. There are no idle thoughts.

Healing is instantaneous.
Healing doesn’t take time.
Healing only requires SINCERITY.

Your sincere willingness to be the perfect giver and receiver of Love is what unlocks the flow of abundance.

There is no lack unless we believe in it.

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I’m offering a deeply healing, renewing and restoring retreat March 16 to 19 in New York.  As always on my retreats we’ll have a lot of fun while we’re doing a lot of deep cleansing and clearing of old emotional and mental baggage so that we can live a much higher quality of life and be more available for LOVE.  It’s such a relief to let the negative patterns and resentments, the guilt, shame and blame go!  If you’d like to start your spring with real clarity and healing, come join me!  Click here for details about my Masterful Living Retreat – the early bird discount EXPIRES TOMORROW – this retreat is open to all – come and bring a friend!

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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