Love the One Who Acts Like A Bully

March 17, 2017

Love the one you’re with: Your God Self!

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Have you ever been bullied? I have. Have you ever been the bully? I have. I’ve been on both sides of the experience, and what I’ve learned is that the one who acts like a bully is really offering a cry for Love.

Oftentimes, the person who seems like a bully feels so weak and helpless that the only choice they can see in order to regain their footing and their sense of self is to bully other people around. People who act like a bully, will bully themselves, too.

The one who bullies is convinced that if they don’t get their way that things will be bad, wrong, and unbearable. They are so afraid that things will go badly that they will be willing to ruin their relationships in order to get their way. It’s a form of temporary insanity.

Any form of anger or cruelty is temporary insanity. Let’s have compassion for the one who is so afraid that they have to intimidate others in order to feel safe.  There’s no safety in intimidation.  It’s pure insanity.

It might seem hard to believe that the one who acts like a bully feels weak and afraid, but it’s true. Having compassion for the person who feels weak and afraid, even if they’re acting like a bully, can be healing and transformative.

A person who behaves like a bully is often expressing anger – and that anger is really a sign of fear and hurt. Let’s stop looking at the surface and treating the symptoms – let’s go to the root cause and do our healing work!

Let’s extend Love and compassion to the one who acts like a bully – whether it’s our self or someone else. The healing always starts with our willingness.

Interacting with someone who acts like a bully, whether it’s internal or external is no fun. However, healing is always available to us when we are willing to choose Love. Let’s choose Love today!

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