What Miracles Will Come!

March 29, 2017

Our acceptance is our willingness demonstrating powerfully!

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We asked for it.  We asked for healing.  We asked to be relieved of our pain and suffering.  I certainly have, thousands of times.  And the way this world works, we can have all the healing we desire if we’re willing to give up the thoughts and beliefs that have brought forth our suffering.

So, why is it, when we are so interested in our healing, do we often cling to the same old thoughts and beliefs that created the pain and suffering in the first place.  It’s as if we’re burning ourselves with a hot poker and then complaining that it hurts, that the wounds aren’t healing, and they’re getting infected, but we still won’t stop poking ourselves with a hot poker!


What I’ve learned is that it’s profoundly helpful and healing to say to the Higher Holy Spirit Self, the Company of Heaven, Jesus, the angels, Mother Mary, Buddha, Krishna, and the ancestors something like this:

“I’ve decided I’m done with this suffering.  I’m ready.  I’m really willing this time.  I’m ready, willing and available for my healing and I’m not just saying that because I’m done suffering.  I’d like to remember what heaven is and feel it in my heart.  I’m interested in being of service instead of complaining.  I’m willing to serve the light with my WHOLE life and not just when it’s convenient for me.  I’m willing to stop running and hiding and let myself be seen by God and to be fully loved.  Yes, I’m that ready, that willing and that available right now.  This now.  Show me the way!  I’m not in-charge anymore.  Spirit is in-charge.  I am saying YES to Freedom!  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  And when I fall down, I will pick myself up with compassion.  When I forget to be compassionate, I will notice the pain is back and start again with compassion.  I am open and available for all manner of assistance.  I am willing.  Help me to help myself and to be truly helpful in this world.  Today is the day, and I AM on my way!”

Say it aloud, with feeling and then keep saying it and you’ll see what miracles will come!

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