Peace of God

March 28, 2017

Peace is already your Divine nature!

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On my radio show today, I’m going to share about the Peace of God.  Peace is what so many people would like to find.  Peace is what many are pursuing.  It’s a life without fear, a life without worry.  It’s about having, rather than wanting.

Everywhere I go, I see people who are in search of Peace and trying to make Peace happen.  There is no way TO get to Peace, Peace is the way.

Peace is the way, in the same sense that Jesus meant it when He said the, “I AM is the way, the truth and the Life.”

I AM is the way, the Peace, the truth and the Life.  I AM is our mighty God Presence, which is our very essence, the Light at the core of our being.

Peace is pre-installed.  If we don’t have Peace that’s a false perception.  We have the Peace, it is our very nature, it is OUR way, truth and Life.  However, even though Peace is our nature, and that Peace is real, if we treasure a false idol instead of the Peace, it will seem as though we don’t have Peace only because we are valuing something we made rather than our true nature.

If I love my job more than I love myself, then my job is a false idol.
If I love my partner more than I love God, then my partner is a false idol.

Let us be truly helpful and lay aside false idols and false gods so that we can enjoy and teach the Peace of God instead.

“The miracle is the act of a Son of God who has laid aside all false gods, and calls on his brothers to do likewise.  It is an act of faith, because it is the recognition that his brother can do it.  It is a call to the Holy Spirit in his mind, a call that is strengthened by joining.”  A Course in Miracles T-10.IV.7.

To have the Peace of God, we must seek the Kingdom first.  Peace is part of the ALL that’s added unto us when we’re seeking and finding the Kingdom of God.  Let us look for Peace where we can find it!

I’m excited to share more about this today on my radio show – you can listen live or get the download later – see below.


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