March 27, 2017

We’re opening our heart like a rose!

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All spiritual students recognize that our belief that we’re separate from God is the only real problem we have – and it shows up as the essence or core belief that results in every other problem we think we have.

And yet, the ego persists in the thought patterns of separation, showing up in our life every day.  Separation is alive and well when we label ourselves and others.  When we judge, we’re choosing the pain of separation thinking.  Separation shows up as thoughts of lack and attack.  Separation shows up as worry, doubt, and fear.

The antidote is to appreciate the sameness rather than sorting, labeling, and separating.  Celebrating the oneness of all life is heart and mind opening.

Thanks to my father, I found this wonderful video of a TV commercial from Denmark.  I invite you to take a couple of sweet short minutes to open your heart to the Beauty of Oneness.  This video is SO heart-opening and beautiful.  Does it touch you?  Bring tears?  Does it inspire you to do something different?  Let me know!  Please leave a comment below.



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