April 28, 2017

Going with the flow!

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An older dictionary of mine defines Affluence as, “to be in the flow.”  I know Affluence to be a spiritual quality that is part of my very nature.  Affluence is omnipresent, omni-active and omnipresent – it’s part of Love’s nature, which means it’s part of my essence.

How often do I actually feel in the flow? How much of my life experience is one of Affluence?  I used to be very resistant and reluctant to the flow of good.

I observe that many people do not have a clear idea of what they would like in life. Others know exactly what they’d like and yet are afraid to say it, to even think it. It’s some form of reluctance to having that which they prefer that they’re experiencing.  They’re resisting being affluent and in the flow.  Sounds familiar?

Studying the Divine, I notice that Spirit is infinitely creative, always progressive, truly affluent. Spirit is the river that continuously flows in an ever-expanding way. This is my own true nature as well. Yet, I have often resisted my natural inclination to be in the flow, to be affluent. Resistance became a habit that certainly did not serve my path of growth and expansion.

Almost everyone I meet has a goal, a dream, or desire that they really, deeply desire to see fulfilled, and yet, for some, the years go by and the dream remains unattained, because there’s no flow happening with it.  There’s only a sense of lack and limitation held in the mind of the person and so we see the resistance and reluctance made manifest as stagnation.  Nothing’s happening – or so it seems.  There’s always learning going on even when things seem stuck and stagnant.

For a long time, I knew the steps that needed to be taken to achieve my goal, and yet I didn’t take them. I know very spiritual people who don’t pray to attain the awareness they desire most. I’ve been that person. This is the resistance.

I’ve learned that if the resistance is strong, instead of focusing on the end result, I am better served by focusing on the resistance. I become willing to release, resolve and dissolve the resistance so that there is true flow in my life and then I can be affluent.  I give the Higher Holy Spirit Self the heavy lifting of figuring out how – my job is to allow.

When I’m in the flow, I enjoy my path very much. I feel a natural Joy. Being in the flow is yummy and fulfilling. I recognize that the Joy is revealed because I am more and more receptive to the yumminess that God is always pouring forth. God has not changed, life has not changed. I am in the flow when I’m working for the good of all, when I’m seeing all as one. In Truth, there’s nothing to resist so I can give up my resistance – it’s pointless.

Today, my awareness expands. Today, I am more and more receptive because I am less and less resistant to having the things I desire. I am more receptive because my spiritual practice of non-violence leads me to see that all is One and there’s nothing to resist. My dream, my goal, my desire is Divine Desire in me.

The more I trust the flow of the river, the safer it is. In this way, I am an example. In this way, I am a safe place and make the world a place of greater Peace. Peace begins with me.

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