Choosing Resurrection!

April 17, 2017

With Katie in Park City, UT - celebrating Easter and the resurrection together!

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In my radio show this past week, I was sharing about resurrection and crucifixion. And one of the things that became so clear to me is that in order for us to move into our own personal resurrection experience of awakening to our true identity in Spirit, we have to be willing to let go of the crucifixion.

Most people I know have got some energetic going on in their life currently or something from the past that feels like crucifixion – and they’re actively keeping it alive by feeding it with their thoughts.

If we believe anyone has done us wrong, or that they have wounded us, then we’re probably holding it with a crucifixion belief.  If we believe someone else has done something to us that we feel crucified about, then we’re keeping ourselves in the victim consciousness which prevents us from resurrecting and rising in Joy.

If we are actively feeling crucified by something that is happening in our body, our family, our relationships, or our workplace, then we’re perpetuating that experience and we’re blocking our healing, our resurrection, our Freedom.

Do you know a martyr?  I’ve known people in my life who have talked, walked, behaved, acted and thought like a martyr, a victim.  People who act like a martyr believe they have to sacrifice their happiness, their health, their wealth, or themselves, in order to make someone else happy or free.  Martyrs will sacrifice themselves when no one is asking them to.

What I observed was that people who were martyr-minded had such a strong belief about being a martyr and having to sacrifice that they were having that same experience again and again.  They believed it was happening to them, but deep down they knew that they were bringing it upon themselves and they felt guilty for that.  They felt bad and wrong for bringing it upon themselves while simultaneously feeling superior and righteous for making the sacrifice of the martyr.  It’s a lose – lose way to live.  It sucks the life out of your life.

The beautiful thing is that when someone is willing to take that habitual crucifixion, martyr-thinking, and turn it over to the Higher Holy Spirit Self, then there’s a miraculous healing that happens, because the experience of suffering will reveal so much learning when we finally get down off the cross.

We cannot truly harvest that learning from all the seeming “betrayals” until we’re willing to decide, “I’m done with crucifixion, I’m choosing resurrection now.”

No one can stop the crucifixion for us.  It’s a decision we make for ourselves.  And then once we make that decision, we will start to notice that there’s a habit of choosing crucifixion.  Each time we see that tendency in our mind we get to affirm that we’re truly not interested in it anymore, and that strengthens our resurrection decision.

If you’re reading this email, you’re choosing resurrection and we can all step it up a bit more.  We can ask the Higher Holy Spirit Self to help us see more clearly. and feel more clearly. and know more clearly where we’re still attracted to crucifixion and affirming that we’ve been betrayed.

There’s only One Mind, and One Life.  Can someone outside of ourselves, or separate from ourselves, actually betray us?  I find that the fastest path to healing is to take responsibility for everything.

If you feel that someone has let you down and disappointed you, taken advantage of you or not appreciated you and it feels like a betrayal, ask yourself if you were in any way giving to them in order to get something in return.  When people feel hurt and betrayed in relationship, I often notice that they have been thinking that the person owed them in some way.

Oftentimes, when we have expectations of people, we don’t realize that we’re actually giving to them in order to get something back.  It’s the way of the world, that’s true – and it’s a cause of great pain and suffering because it’s co-dependency, manipulation, and control – and where’s the Love in that?

I AM responsible for everything I see and everything is just as I wish it to be.

That’s the message of A Course in Miracles.  In taking responsibility for everything we see the martyrdom and the crucifixion is over in our heart and mind.  Once we’re done with crucifixion we can move into our resurrection.

If you look at it that way, and consider that the choice is really between continuing the crucifixion or moving into the resurrection, renewal, restoration and awakening, would you still find staying in the crucifixion appealing?

I invite you to look at where you’re keeping the crucifixion alive in your mind and consider if you’re willing to forgive yourself and anyone else you’re judging so you can get on with your resurrection.  Give the Higher Holy Spirit Self the heavy lifting of figuring out how, and simply allow.  It will shift your life in miraculous ways.

We can say we’d like to have Peace, but not actually choose it.  Now is the time for us to Love ourselves enough to actually choose Peace all day long and leave the crucifixion behind!  Heaven is at hand!

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