Happy Birthday Mom!

April 7, 2017

My mother with my nephew Mikey.

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Today is my mother’s birthday and I’m thinking of her with such gratitude.  My mother made her transition in 2008.  She was part of the generation that brought us the women’s movement of the 60’s and beyond and I can remember talking with her about women’s rights when I was a teenager.

The world I lived in was so different from her upbringing and I took it for granted.  She literally marched in the streets for women’s rights.  My mother  had a consciousness raising group.  She worked for decades as a teacher, and an administrator to improve the lives of children and their families.  She helped so many people to improve the quality of their lives and families.

I am grateful for my mother’s example of service.  Over and over again she found ways to be of service to the people in her community who were challenged with feeding, educating, and raising their children.  She was an active part of the civil rights movement.  She worked to help families who were challenged with domestic abuse.  Again and again, she found ways to help others.

In part, because of my parent’s and the contributions they’ve made to their communities, I cannot even imagine not being of service.  Being of service in community is one of the most rewarding things I know of.

One way that I honor my precious Mother, Gayle Hadley, is to be her living legacy of service and inspiration.  I give thanks for my mother’s beautiful example of contributing to community and bringing more light into this world!

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