April 9, 2017

Dixie, like Snoopy is a beagle who likes to sit up top.

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My brothers’ family dog, Dixie, is a beagle and a true hound dog. She will eat just about anything and there’s been many a time when she’s gotten into my purse and sniffed out a granola bar or some other goodie and left me only pieces of the wrapper to clean up.

One time she completely devoured a one pound artisanal organic lamb and beef smoked sausage that i’d gotten at the farmer’s market in Maine.

Dixie is a little dog so this was quite a feat for her. I had the sausage in my suitcase and left it unzipped and she thought that meant that I was willing to share my stash. I wasn’t.

I’ve seen Dixie jump on top of the dining room table and bury her face in a bowl of food just placed there while we’re in the middle of setting the table. She’s quick and clever. She’s learned how to maneuver a chair over to the counter in the kitchen in order to get up there and devour a chicken waiting to be sliced.

Dixie has no shame about it, unlike other dogs she feels no guilt. She feels that it’s her job to get as much as she can. She makes me laugh.

Dixie helps our entire family to practice “you’re never upset for the reason you think.”

How could I be upset that Dixie ate my sausage when I left it within her striking distance? If I were upset, it would only be because I SHOULD have known better. I don’t go down the SHOULD road anymore because it’s always going to bring my unhappiness and I’ve had enough of that.
The thing I say that helps me to move on in a moment is:  Live & learn.

I’m living and I’m learning.
I’m grateful to be living and grateful to be learning.
To learn anything at all is a blessing.

The other thing I say that helps me keep it lighthearted is:  Life!

That’s life!  S’life!  Life is filled with experiences of stuff that happens.  That’s life!

I felt bad for Dixie because the rest of the day she was suffering a bit in her digestion. Compassion is Love and I’m happy to have compassion for Dixie even though she sometimes seems to have none for me. She’s my constant teacher and I respect her for that. I love her. I guess I really didn’t need that sausage anyway. What could I not accept if I but knew that everything is gently planned by one whose only interest is my good?


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